ICESNOW 1ton/day Industrial Seawater Flake Ice Machine For Fishing Vessels

Short Description:

  • Model Number: GMH-1KA
  • Voltage: 380v/50hz/3p
  • Cooling Mode: Water Cooling
  • Material: SUS316 Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Of Flake Ice: -5℃~-8℃
  • Ice Thickness: 1.5mm-2.2mm
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    Main Features

    1.what is the daily capacity of flake ice machine

    0.5tons to 60 tons per day. thick is the flake ice?

    From 1mm to 2.2mm with excellent cooling performance.

    3 .what is the power consumption for this machine?

    Around 80 kw.h per ton of ice.

    4.whether it can use sea water to make flake ice?

    Yes, it can supply fresh water and sea water flake ice machine. machine can install in the land or on board.

    5.whether the spare parts are easy to find in locally?

    Yes, we use famous and steady refrigeration components and it is also common model in locally and way to find and replace.

    Product Decription:

    1 tons 24 hrs seawater flake ice machine is widely used in seaport for fish cooling. For its special design and completely stainless steel material used to prevent to machine from corrosion, and the instability due to the unfavorable condition and ship swaying in the sea.

    On the fishing, the machines make ice from seawater directly, and also make the heat exchange via the condenser. The low temperature seawater as well as its salinity, makes the ice at an excellent ice degree, to give better fresh keeping for the fish.

    Product Advantage:

    Worldwide famous main ice accessories:

    1.Compressor: main refrigeration system power components ( American Copeland ZB series--High efficiency ,

    low noise, built-in discharging valve and temperature Protector);

    2.PLC controller: Korea LG;

    3.American Expansion valve: (1)Reduce the high pressure and throttle the cold liquid refrigerant from the side with

    high pressure, Making it a low temperature low pressure gas-liquid mixing refrigerants; (2) Control the refrigerant flow into the evaporator to adjust cooling capacity of the system and adapt to the change of external load.

    4.Schneider AC relay, etc.

    316 Stainless steel

    The seawater flake ice machine is made of anti-corrosion 316 stainless steel, could be installed on board directly, the inclination angle could reach 35℃ degrees above,while keeping water circulating without over-flowing, keeping machine running normally. Using sea water to make ice directly, then the ice drops into cabin. This will reduce the loading of the boat, save energy.

    Good quality and advanced technology

    The ice drum internal use spiral channel structure designs and the V-Shaped groove welding technology that save energy by more than 5% to 8% compared with the same type machine in the industry. The center layer use the baking paint treatment, to shape and solid the welding point on the flow channel, and no refrigerant leakage occurs.

     Innovative technology

    The sea water ice machine is more advanced than fresh water ice machine, and has higher technical requirement, it needs to meet three conditions:

    It is resistant to seawater corrosion, and the surface in contact with sea water must be made of anti-corrosion materials.

    Anti-wind and wave is required. The fishing boat will be bumpy and uneven when sailing, so that the water supply system needs to by splash-proof when making ice.

    Due to unevenness of fishing boat, there is oil return problem in the compressor on the ice machine, we need to make sure the residual lubricating oil in the system balance back into the compressor. If the oil return amount is insufficient for a long time, the compressor will be damaged.

     Stainless steel inner drum

    The ice evaporator has undergone a high temperature annealing process to eliminate the internal stress of the steel. During the long-term use of the equipment,there will be no deformation even at long temperature and low pressure, which greatly improves the overall service life of the ice evaporator and ice making system.

    1ton Industrial Seawater Flake Ice Machine For Fishing Vessels 4

    1ton Industrial Seawater Flake Ice Machine For Fishing Vessels 5


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    Why to choose us:

    1.Cheaper price - more competitive.

    2.Longer warranty period - 18 months.

    3.Faster delivery speed and more on time,

    4.Superior after-sales service guarantee.

    5.More stringent quality assurance than foreign trade company.

    6.And the most important: As one of few ice machine evaporator leading and professional manufacturers who have the self-production capacity, we provide it for many refrigeration companies and counterparts. And they just need to assemble the ice machine with our evaporator and other refrigerating accessories. our evaporators are warmly welcomed at home and abroad

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