ICESNOW 300kg/day Flake Ice Machine with stainless steel ice bin small capacity

Short Description:

Daily Capacity: 300kg/24 hrs

Machine power supply: 1P/220V/50HZ

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The equipment can be used with stainless steel ice storage bins or polyurethane ice storage bins, and a wide range of accessories are available.

The flake ice machine is a device for direct low-temperature continuous ice making, and the ice temperature is as low as -8 ° C or lower, and the efficiency is high.

Flake ice is an irregular piece of ice, which is dry and clean, has a beautiful shape, is not easy to stick together, and has good fluidity.

The thickness of flake ice is generally 1mm-2mm, and it can be used directly without using a crusher.

Technical Data

Model    GM-03KA
Ice production 300kg/24h
Ice bin capacity 150kg
Dimension 950*909*1490mm
Refrigeration capacity 1676 Kcal
Evaporating temp. -20℃
Condensing Temp. 40℃
Power supply 1P-220V-50HZ
Total Power 1.6KW
Cooling mode Air cooling

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Product Advantage:

Icesnow flake ice machine is mainly composed of compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and other accessories, which is known as the four main components of refrigeration in ice making industry. In addition to the main components of the four ice machines, Icesnow flake ice machine also has drying filter, one-way valve, solenoid valve, stop valve, oil pressure gauge, electric box, high and low pressure switch, water pump and other accessories.

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