ICESNOW 40ton/day Ice Making Machinery Automatic Flake Ice Maker used for food preservation

Short Description:

Icesnow flake ice machine working principle is the closed loop heat exchange of refrigerant. Outside water flow into the water tank, then pumped into the water distribution pan evenly flows down the inner wall of evaporator.

The refrigerant in the refrigeration system evaporates through the loop inside the evaporator and absorbs large amount of heat by exchanging heat with the water on the wall.As the result, the water flow over the surface of inner evaporator wall sharply cools down to below the freezing point and freezes into ice instantaneously.

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Working Principle

When the ice on the inner wall reaches a certain thickness,spiral ice blade driven by reducer cut the ice to piece.Thus ice flake forms and falls into the ice storage bin under ice machine,stocking for using.The water not turning into ice will drop in the water baffle at the bottom of evaporator and flow into the water tank for recycling.



1. High efficiency of ice making;

2. Power is relatively large, need to determine the power capacity;

3. Color man-machine interface, the unit running status be clear at a glance, simple operation, convenient maintenance;

4. Optional piston or screw compressor unit;

5. There is no standard ice storage, non-standard order is allowed;

6. Evaporator can be configured according to different region.

7.Automatic monitoring system: Intelligent zed PLC control, don't need to arrange people to monitor the machine

8.Emergency Alarm: It makes you know immediately once the emergency happens

9. Cable Channel: All the wires packed in stainless steel channel, protects the wire, also makes the machine look neat and tidy

10. Energy Guide: You can see clearly the energy consumption of the machine


Suitable industry:

1. The raw materials storing and precooling of the food processing plant;

2. The lives stock precooling, fresh keeping, freezing and transporting after killing in the meat processing plant;

3. The reaction kettle of chemical plant, raw material cooling and the box-type and environment cooling;

4. Concrete cooling during mixing, concrete adding in the construction industry;

5. Ice factory;

6. The deep-sea fishing and seafood fresh keeping;

7. The mine cooling.

Main brands on Icesnow flake ice machine

Flake Ice Advantages

1. Flake Ice: Dry, pure, powderless, not easy to block, flake ice thickness is about 1.8mm~2.2mm, without edges or corners which will  an product the cooling food, fish, seafood and other products.

2. Microcomputer Intelligent control: the flake ice machine is using PLC control system with world famous brand components. Meanwhile, it can protect the flake ice machine when there are water shortage, ice full, H/L pressure alarm, and motor reversal.

3. Evaporator drum: Use stainless steel material or carbon steel chrominum. The style of inside machine ensures constant running at the lowest power consumption.

4. Application: The flake ice machine has been applied in refreshing vegetable, fruit, foodstuff in supermarket.

Why Choose Us!

Shenzhen Icesnow Refrigeration Equipment co., LTD. Is a technology-based enterprise that pay attention to user experience. According to customer requirements, company can produce intermediate, low and ultra low temperature refrigeration system, covering cooling, keeping fresh,cold storing, storing, freezing,quick freezing and other fields.We can control:

-Technical scheme

-High quality

-Price reasonable

-Fast delivery


1. Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we have been offering specialized products in this field for 20 years.

2. Q: How do you pack these products?

A: Usually packed according to export standard or your requirement.

3. Q: Is it customizable?

A: Yes, according to your requirements.

4. Q: After-sales service

A: 24-hour technical support by phone, email or WhatsApp

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