ICESNOW 2.5ton/day Flake Ice Making Machine CE Certificate

Short Description:

Icesnow ice system

it designed based on the features and special requirements of supermarket freshing, lab and health care industry, applicated to the field which demands high grade of ice flake

Varied types

The daily production ranging from 300KG to 100Ton, greatly satisfy the requirements of varied clients. The data based on 25° C ambient temp. And 16° C water inlet temperature

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Main Features:

Three different condenser alternatives are offered:

Air cooled condenser
Water cooled condenser
Evaporative condenser

Before leaving our factory every unit is tested to meet specification parameters.

Units from 0.5 - 2.5 tons come with Famous brands danfoss compressors.
Units from 3 - 12 tons come with Bitzer compressors
Units from 15 - 50 tons come with Hanbell compressors

Main parameters:

Name Technical Parameters
Model GM-25KA
ice production (days) 2500kg/day
Unit weight (kg) 491Kg
Unit dimension (mm) 1500mm×1180mm×1055mm
Dimension of ice bin (mm) 1500mm×1676mm×1235mm
Ice bin capacity 600kg
Thickness of ice flake (mm) 1.5mm-2.2mm
Refrigerant R404A
Installed total power 8.8KW
Compressor Danfoss
Compressor horse power 12HP
Flake ice temperature -5--8℃
cooling method Air cooling


1. Supermarket preservation: Keep the food and vegetable fresh and beautiful.

2. Fishery industry: Keeping Fish fresh during sorting, shipping and retailing,

3. Slaughtering industry: Maintain temperature and keep the meat fresh.

4. Concrete construction: Reduce the temperature of concrete during mixing, making the concrete more easy to composite.

Flake Ice Machines Has Following Feature:

1. Safe operation and good reliability 

All accessories and parts of Icesnow system are adopted of top-level products of western or local markets, greatly enhance the products quality.

2. Easy operation

The cooling system and flake ice evaporator is automatically controlled by micro-computer, and has protection for phase lack, reverse, H/low pressure and bin full which makes the operation more reliable and steady, reduced the possibility of damage, easy for maintenance.

3. The ice Skates is a screw scraper, features low resistance, low consumption, no noise.

2500kgday flake ice machine (8)
2500kgday flake ice machine (9)

Product Advantages:

(1) Be made of low-temperature pressure vessel special materials and passed precision processing;

(2 )More sufficient evaporation area and better performance with dry style evaporation way;

(3) Whole processing is made by vertical lathe to ensure the precision up to 2 ounces;

(4) Be designed and produced with standard low-temperature pressure vessel manufacturing process, including surface treatment, heat treatment, gas-tight test, tensile & compression strength test, etc.

(5) Using imported refrigeration accessories;

(6) All water supply line are made of stainless steel, high sanitary condition;

(7) Fast ice forming & falling speed, ice begins within 1 to 2 minutes.

(8) Ice blade: made of SUS304 material seamless steel tube and formed through only one time process. It's durable.

(9) Spindle and other accessories: made of SUS304 material through precision machining, and conform to food hygiene standards.

(10) Thermal insulation: foaming machine filling with imported polyurethane foam insulation. Better effect.

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