ICESNOW 2ton/day Flake Ice Maker/Ice Maker Machine easy operation

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Icesnow Series Flake Ice Machine produces flake ice , which can be widely used in many industries. We have two types: fresh water type and seawater type. The daily capacity ranges from 300kg to 100tons in 24 hours(Or we can custom made as per your requests).

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Model: GM-20KA

01. Ice Production: 2T/24h

02. Total power: 7.7 KW

03. Compressor horse Power:10HP

04. Reducer Power: 0.37KW

05. Water Pump Power: 0.0014W

06. Power Supply: 3P/380V/50Hz

07. Ice bin capacity: 500kg

08. Compressor: Danfoss

International Brand famous components

Name of Components Brand Name Original Country
Compressor Danfoss Denmark
Ice Maker Evaporator ICESNOW China
Air cooled condenser ICESNOW
Refrigeration components DANFOSS/CASTAL Demark/Italy
PLC Program control LG (LS) South Korea
Electrical components LG (LS) South Korea

Flake Ice Machine Features

1. Independent production and design of flake ice evaporator. The evaporator is designed and manufactured according to the pressure vessel standard, which is sturdy, safe and reliable with zero leakage. Direct low temperature continuous ice formation. Low temperature ice,High efficiency.

2. The complete machine has passed the international CE and SGS certification for guarantee.

3. Fully automatic control. For possible failure of the flake ice machine, such as voltage phase loss, overload, water shortage, full ice, low voltage and high voltage, it will automatically stop and alarm to ensure the stable operation.

4. Use first-line brand refrigeration accessories: Germany Bizter, Denmark Danfoss, American Copeland, Taiwan Hanbell, Italy Refcomp and other well-known compressors; Danfoss solenoid valves, expansion valves and drying filters;Emerson refrigeration accessories such as valves.  Machines are qualified with reliability, low failure rate, and high ice-making efficiency.

5. The ice storage bin is made of stainless steel and filled with insulation material to ensure that the ice does not melt for 24 hours.

6. 18 months warranty. Life time technical support.

7. The company has many years of design and production experience. The machine can be customized to meet customer requirements such as materials, refrigeration accessories and condensing modes.

20000KFG (1)
20000KFG (2)

(1) Be made of low-temperature pressure vessel special materials and passed precision processing;

(2) More sufficient evaporation area and better performance with dry style evaporation way;

(3) Whole processing is made by vertical lathe to ensure the precision up to 2 ounces;

(4) Be designed and produced with standard low-temperature pressure vessel manufacturing process, including surface treatment, heat treatment, gas-tight test, tensile & compression strength test, etc.

(5) Using imported refrigeration accessories;

(6) All water supply line are made of stainless steel, high sanitary condition;

(7) Fast ice forming & falling speed, ice begins within 1 to 2 minutes.

(8) Ice blade: made of SUS304 material seamless steel tube and formed through only one time process. It's durable.

(9) Spindle and other accessories: made of SUS304 material through precision machining, and conform to food hygiene standards.

(10) Thermal insulation: foaming machine filling with imported polyurethane foam insulation. Better effect.

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