ICESNOW 5T/day Flake Ice Plant for water cooling fast working

Short Description:

5 tons 24 hrs flake ice machine is a middle capacity ice machine. To fully use the machine production, we provide cold storage with cold source for ice storage overnight. The auto control system of the machine ensure the operating at night, and it will stop when the ice storage is full of ice. This capacity is widely used on the islands, it is still able to be powered by diesel generator.

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Main Features

●  Daily Capacity: 5 ton 24 hrs

●  Machine power supply: 3P/380V/50HZ,3P/220V/60HZ,3P/380V/60HZ,

●  PLC intelligent control system, fully automated production, no manual operation required

●  Adopt environmentally friendly refrigerant, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving

●  The overall modular equipment is very easy to transport, move and install on site

●  Direct low temperature continuous ice formation, ice temperature below -8 °C, high efficiency

●  The whole machine has passed CE certification and has high security

●  The ice maker designed and manufactured according to the pressure vessel standard is sturdy, safe and reliable

●  Flake Ice shape with excellent cooling performance

●  No sharp edges, so it no hurt the cooling products

●  1~2 mm thickness, no need to crush and can use at any time

Special design of flake ice machine:

1. Refrigerating unit -- Main parts of refrigerating units are all from America, Germany, Japan and other countries that have leading refrigeration technology.

2. PLC programmable control system -- The machine can start and stop automatically to make the evaporator mechanical operation system and water supplying circulation system coordination matched and work safely & efficiently under the control of PLC controller. The whole system is protected by the alarm of water shortage, ice full, high and low pressure abnormal, power phase inverse and compressor overload, etc.with the computer intelligence control.

When there is a failure, the PLC will stop the unit automatically and the corresponding alarming indicator lights up. And when the fault is settled, PLC controller will soon start the machine after receiving the information. The whole system is controlled automatically well without hand operation.

3. Evaporator--Ice machine evaporator adopts the fixed static vertical design, namely the evaporator is static and the ice blade rotate in the inner wall to scrape ice. The design reduces the wear, has high sealing and avoids the leakage of the refrigerant effectively. It is made of SUS 304 material and adopts automatic fluorine welding technology to improve its intensity and accuracy.

4. Ice blade--Spiral ice blade, small resistance, low loss, no noise and making ice in uniform.

Product parameters:

Model Daily capacity Refrigerant capacity Total power (KW) Ice machine size Ice bin capacity Ice bin size Weight (kg)
(T/day) (kcal/h) (L*W*H/MM) (kg) (L*W*H/MM)
GM-03KA 0.3 1676 1.6 1035*680*655 150 950*830*835 150
GM-05KA 0.5 2801 2.4 1240*800*800 300 1150*1196*935 190
GM-10KA 1 5603 4 1240*800*900 400 1150*1196*1185 205
GM-15KA 1.5 8405 6.2 1600*940*1000 500 1500*1336*1185 322
GM-20KA 2 11206 7.7 1600*1100*1055 600 1500*1421*1235 397
GM-25KA 2.5 14008 8.8 1500*1180*1400 600 1500*1421*1235 491
GM-30KA 3 16810 11.4 1648*1450*1400 1500 585
GM-50KA 5 28017 18.5 2040*1650*1630 2500 1070
GM-100KA 10 56034 38.2 3520*1920*1878 5000 1970
GM-150KA 15 84501 49.2 4440*2174*1951 7500 2650
GM-200KA 20 112068 60.9 4440*2174*2279 10000 3210
GM-250KA 25 140086 75.7 4640*2175*2541 12500 4500
GM-300KA 30 168103 97.8 5250*2800*2505 15000 5160
GM-400KA 40 224137 124.3 5250*2800*2876 20000 5500
GM-500KA 50 280172 147.4 5250*2800*2505 25000 6300

Stainless steel ice making platform


Danfoss Expansion valve

Flake ice Advantages:

1. As Its flat and thin shape, It has got the largest contact area among all types of ice. The larger its contact area Is, the faster it cools other stuff.

2. Perfect in food cooling: Flake ice Is type of dry and crispy Ice, it hardly forms any shape edges. In food cooling process, this nature has made It the best material for cooling, it can reduce the possibility of damage to food to the lowest rate.

3. Thoroughly mixing: Flake Ice can become water quickly through the rapid heat exchanging with products, and also supply the moisture for products to be cooled.

4. Flake ice low temperature: -5℃~-8℃:Flake ice thickness: 1.8-2.5 mm, can be used directly for food fresh without ice crusher any more, saving cost.

5. Fast ice making speed: Can produce ice within 3 minutes after starting It, do not need extra person to take off and get the ice.


A. Installation for ice machine:

1. Installing by the user: we will test and install the machine before shipment, all necessary spare parts, operation manual and CD are provided to guide the installation.

2. Installing by Icesnow engineers:

(1) We can send our engineer to assist the installation and provide technical support and train your workers. The end-user should provide accommodation and round-trip ticket for our engineer.

(2) Before our engineers’ arrival, the installation place, electricity, water and installation tools should be prepared. Meanwhile, we will provide you a Tool List with the machine when delivery.

(3) 1~ 2 workers are required to assist the installation for big project.

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