Flake ice Machine:Mastering the Core Technology of Core Part—–Flake ice Evaporator

ICESNOW: Mastering the Core Tech

           Since the establishment of Shenzhen Icesnow Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD., it has a number of independent invention patent certificates, which on the ice flake ice evaporator certificate up to more than half of the total. In the process of flake ice evaporator research and development, Icesnow continuous on innovation and transformation,at the same time, in order to save energy, Icesnow is devotion to maximize the role of the component itself. Flake ice evaporator accounts for the most pivotal part of the four main parts of flake ice machine, and its process is also the most complex one. However, Icesnow has a complete set of industrial chain, which is fully capable of independent research and development and large-scale production by now.

Where a steel plate goes?

            In Icesnow, every piece of steel has a place. The “life” of a steel plate can be divided into ten steps simply.

First of all, we need to choose a good quality steel plate with good toughness.

Flake ice Machine

Using machine to roll it into the shape of a cylinder.

Flake Ice Machine For Fish

Using machine to roll it into the shape of a cylinder.

Flake Ice Machine Commercial

Workers will then use Icesnow's excellent welding techniques to create a flow channel through which the refrigerant will pass

Industrial Flake Ice Machine

The next step is to weld long strips of steel to the runner

Ice Flake Making Machine

In order to ensure the sealing of the flow passage, workers need to repair the seam at the joint.

Commercial Ice Flaker Machine

The workers then finely sanded the inner wall of the cylinder using Aceno's unique CNC twin beds.

Flake Ice Maker Machine

After processing the cylinder, the workers need to process the internal parts of the flakevaporator one by one, as shown below, the workers are using a lathe to process the spindle of the flake ice evaporator

Small Flake Ice Machine

Workers then assemble the finished parts

Flake Ice Maker For Home

When all the work is finished, the workers will seal it

flake ice machine

       So the above is the general  process of evaporator production. Icesnow, your best business partner.

Post time: Nov-04-2022