Why should the food processing industry choose flake ice machine

In food processing plants, food must be refrigerated and kept fresh, and cooling measures are usually taken to ensure the quality of food processing. Many of Icesnow's customers in the food processing industry choose ice flake. The main reasons for selecting flake ie machine are as follows:

flake ice machine

1. The ice flake machine has high ice efficiency and low cooling capacity loss: Icesnow flake ice machine uses cold water to spray ice around. The whole evaporator is in full contact with the water source and evaporates rapidly to form an ice layer. The spiral ice skates quickly cut and squeeze the ice layer. The evaporator and evaporation pipe are protected by high-efficiency insulation layer, with almost no cold loss.

2. The flake ice produced by the ice flaker is of good quality, dry and non stick: the evaporator of  Icesnow flake ice machine adopts spiral groove structure design, with uniform liquid supply and high evaporation efficiency. Cold water is sprayed on the inner wall of the evaporator to fully exchange heat with the refrigerant to form a thick layer of dry ice, usually up to 1.8-2.5mm thick. The produced ice is dry and not easy to stick together, which is very convenient for users.

3. The ice flaker produced by the ice flaker has many varieties, simple structure and small floor area: Icesnow produces a wide variety of ice flakers. Users can choose the appropriate machine type according to the use occasion and water quality. The ice maker has the advantages of small size, simple structure, convenient installation, small floor area and low noise. It has good practicability in the use site.

4. PLC programmable control system of ice flaker has stable performance and arbitrary control: Icesnow flake ice machine adopts PLC microcomputer programmable control system to realize control, with stable operation performance, safety and reliability. Users can automatically control the ice flaker according to power consumption, and can also set automatic startup and automatic shutdown time to realize energy conservation, consumption saving and automatic control.

5. The ice flaker is easy to operate and has high hygienic standards: Icesnow flake ice machine adopts full-automatic control, and the operator only needs to press the switch. The evaporator adopts a fixed and static vertical design. The material used is imported high-quality 304 stainless steel or high-efficiency heat-conducting carbon steel electroplated hard shell. It has high heat transfer efficiency, ensuring the super corrosion resistance of flake ice evaporator and the cleanness and hygiene of the ice flake.

6. Complete ice flaker fault protection device:Icesnow flake ice machine is equipped with a variety of fault protection devices such as high and low voltage, water cut-off, limit and overload, which can further improve the safety and stability of Lear ice maker, and users can directly cut off power and stop ice making when they don't need it. Flake ice evaporator has simple internal structure and high universality of parts, so it has reliable operation, convenient maintenance and simple maintenance.

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Post time: Oct-09-2021