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Many modern home refrigerators with ice machines allow you to have some cube  ice. If you want a nice drink of water that will stay cool for a long time, you fill your glass with ice cubes. However, ice machines are also important in the commercial sphere. You’ll find the ice machines  in commercial kitchens and hotels. These machines come mostly pre-installed from the factory, and they can typically make cubes of ice.

Commercial Cube ice machine

Cube ice machine ISN-070K

Like A/C units and refrigerators, ice machines operate on a refrigeration cycle. They move heat away from water to freeze it, and it rejects that heat elsewhere.So, the most critical element of an ice machine is the evaporator, which absorbs heat from the space. Water fills that space, and then the evaporator removes heat from that water, effectively freezing it. That frozen water then collects in a storage bin, where the ice remains until it is ready for consumption or other uses.

Cube ice machines freeze water in batches. Water fills a sump with a grid, and it freezes on the grid. Once the ice is ready to drop, the ice machine goes into a harvest cycle. The harvest cycle is a hot gas defrost, which sends hot gas from the compressor to the evaporator. Then, the ice releases itself as the evaporator warms. When the ice falls off, it accumulates in the storage bin until it is ready for use.

Cube ice’s main use is for human consumption. You will find ice cubes in your drinks at restaurants and self-serve soft drink dispensers.

ice cubes with varying degrees of water quality

Quality standards start with the water. In ice cubes , purer water is always more desirable. You can get a rough idea of the water’s purity by examining an ice cube. Water that does not have any minerals or trapped air will freeze first. As the water freezes, mineral-laden water and air bubbles move towards the center of a cell on the grid until they eventually freeze. You will yield an ice cube that looks cloudy in the middle. Cloudy ice comes from hard water, which has a high mineral and air content, and it’s less desirable than clear ice.

Ice cubes are dense, and many ice machines that produce cubes wash out the minerals, making the cubes as hard as possible. Cubed ice should typically be in the 95-100% hardness range.

The best way to make sure you get the best possible ice is to keep your machines clean. When cleaning ice machines, a nickel-safe sanitize works best, not harsh chemical cleaners. No matter if you’re a restaurant owner serving Coca-Cola, a bar owner serving specialty cocktails, or a market manager who wants to keep their products fresh, proper ice machine cleaning and maintenance will give you the best-quality cube ice.

Post time: Nov-16-2022