Tips for Choosing an Ice Machine

There are many types of ice machines, including flake ice machine, cube ice machine, block ice machine, tube ice machine, etc. No matter what kind of ice making machine, its ice making principle and structure are the same, and the skills for purchasing ice making machines are the same.Before selecting the ice maker, first understand the working principle of the ice maker:
1.The compressor inhales and compresses the refrigerant into a liquid state of high temperature and high pressure.
2.Cools the temperature through the condenser.
3.The expansion valve throttles and evaporates.
4.Makes the refrigerant The heat exchange in the ice bucket makes the water flowing through it freeze into ice quickly.

Compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator (ice bin) are the four major components of ice making. When purchasing an ice maker, you must understand the main configuration and materials.
1.Select compressor
The compressor is the power component of the ice machine and accounts for 20% of the cost of the ice machine. Be sure to choose a brand compressor, which are reliable in quality and recognized by the industry. For example, German Bitzer, German Copeland and Denmark Danfoss are all international brand compressors recognized by the industry.
2.Pick the evaporator
The evaporator is the ice-producing component of the ice machine. The quality of the evaporator is related to the output and the quality of the ice. Generally, the evaporator is made of carbon steel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Stainless steel is not easy to rust, but it is expensive.Tips, when buying an evaporator, you must choose an ice maker manufacturer that can independently produce and design evaporators to ensure quality and after-sales.
3.Understand the condensation mode of ice machine
The cooling mode of ice machine is divided into water cooling and air cooling, and the condensing efficiency will affect the output of ice machine. The cooling method of water tower is efficient, but the water source should be sufficient and the water consumption is serious. Air cooling covers a small area, does not need water, and the cooling efficiency is good. Generally, small ice makers use air cooling, while large ice makers use water tower cooling.
4.Understand the function of expansion valve
Expansion valves are known as capillaries. Through refrigerant throttling, the normal temperature liquid refrigerant evaporator is turned into a low temperature vapor state to create low temperature conditions for the evaporator to freeze.The expansion valves of brands recognized by the industry, such as Danfoss, Emerson and other first-line international brands, have a good reputation.
5.Know about environmentally friendly refrigerants
At present, the most used refrigerants in the market are R22 and R404a. R22 refrigerant will be phased out in 2030. R404a is an environmentally friendly refrigerant (non-toxic and non-polluting), which can replace R22 in the future. It is best to choose an ice maker with R404a refrigerant to make a small contribution to environmental protection.
6.Shop for other accessories
Learn about other accessories for ice machines, ice bins, ice blades, bearings, driers filter, electric boxes and other accessories. For example, the best choice for the electric box of the flake ice machine, the PLC electric box composed of ls or Schneider Electric, try not to choose the electric box of the circuit board, because the overload is small and it is prone to failure. When choosing a freezer, it is best to choose a stainless steel freezer, and try to avoid plastic materials as much as possible, which has poor thermal insulation and is easy to age, which affects the quality of ice.

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Post time: Oct-10-2022