The first choice for multiple industries——Flake Ice

The industrial flake ice machine is a cooling device in the non-edible ice ice machine industry, which is used in many fields of industrial manufacturing. Due to the characteristics of flake ice (small flake, easy to melt, fast cooling, no need for secondary crushing, etc.), it has gradually replaced the traditional cooling equipment such as brine ice making (large ice) and water chillers, and became the first choice for cooling in many industries.
Flake ice machines have been widely used in aquatic products, food, supermarkets, dairy products, medicine, chemistry, vegetable preservation and transportation, marine fishing and other industries. Keep the product in the ideal moist state, avoid dehydration and give it fresh for a long time to achieve the ideal fresh-keeping effect. With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people's production level, the ice industry is becoming more and more extensive, and the quality requirements for ice are getting higher and higher. The requirements for "high performance", "low failure rate" and "sanitation" of ice machines are becoming more and more urgent.


ICESNOW Flake Ice Machine Advantages/Features

1.The ice bucket of the flake ice machine adopts special alloy material, which has been precisely welded and surface treated to ensure efficient heat conduction and longer service life.
2.One-time forming without welding stainless steel ice blade, can work efficiently for a long time.
3.High stability and low failure rate.
4.Parts from top brands: BITZER, Danfoss.
5.Direct low temperature, low ice temperature, can reach below -8 ℃.
6.The ice is dry and clean, beautiful in shape, not easy to block, good in fluidity, sanitary and convenient.
7.Sheet-like structure, so the contact area with the refrigerated products is large, and the cooling effect is excellent.
8.Flake ice has no sharp edges and corners, will not damage the surface of refrigerated products, and is very convenient for storage and transportation.
9.The thickness of the ice can reach 1.8mm-2.2mm, and it can be used at any time without an ice crusher.

Post time: Oct-10-2022