Seawater flake ice machine

According to the market conditions, climate conditions, sea area differences and other factors in the world, Icesnow has repeatedly studied and experimented to make seawater flake ice machine suitable for ships, so as to better provide services for customers engaged in marine ship operations.

Icesnow sea flake ice machine is specially designed and produced for marine ice making operation and large-scale ocean fishing industry, which can overcome the problems of seawater corrosion, ship pitching and swaying.

The seawater flake ice machine designed and produced by Icesnow directly uses sea water to make ice. The biggest difference between the sea water ice flaker and the fresh water ice flaker lies in the material of the ice machine pipeline and the design of the compressor. As the inlet water source of the seawater ice flaker is seawater, in order to overcome the corrosivity of seawater, the seawater flake ice machine uses special pipe materials. At the same time, in order to overcome the problem of severe swaying of the ship during offshore operation, the seawater flake ice machine applies a deep oil groove piston compressor, which can work normally even when the ship is tilted 30 degrees.

Product Advantage:

1. Scientific design and many years of engineering experience
Icesnow will offer you the best scheme of tailor-made ice-making system We have not only supplied lots of ice flake systems to customers from various places but also offered technological consultancy to them.
2. High efficiency and energy saving
We have optimized the design of ice flake units to ensure the ice flake units can function constantly without wasting energy. We have also adopted a special kind of alloy material and patent processing technology to ensure efficient heat conductivity.
3. Simple maintenance and convenient moving
All our equipment is designed on the basis of modules, so its spot maintenance is quite simple. Once some of its parts needs replacing, it is easy for you to remove the old parts and install the new ones. Moreover while designing our equipment, we always take into full account how to convenience future moves to other construction sites.
4. Refrigeration unit: main components all from the leading refrigeration technology countries: the United States, Germany, Japan, etc.


Shenzhen Icesnow Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ice machines specializing in the production of industrial ice and commercial ice. The products are mainly used in marine fishery, food processing, dyes and pigments, biopharmaceuticals, scientific experiments, coal mine cooling, concrete mixing, hydropower plants, nuclear power plants, ice storage projects and indoor ski resorts and other industries. At the same time, the company can also design and manufacture automatic ice storage systems, automatic ice delivery systems, and automatic metering systems according to the needs of customers. Its ice production capacity ranges from 0.5T to 50T per 24 hours.


Post time: Nov-11-2022