Introduction to the Application of Flake ice Machine

1. Application in seafood product processing can reduce the temperature of processing medium, clean water and seafood products and prevent bacteria from growing, and keep seafood products fresh in the process of processing.

2. Application of meat product processing: mixing the ice into the meat which meets the health standards. To achieve the purpose of cooling, preservation.

3. Application of food processing: For example, in the production of bread, when the cream is stirred or doubled, the ice is quickly cooled to prevent fermentation.

4. Application of supermarket and seafood products market: for seafood products, display, packaging and other fresh-keeping functions.

5. Vegetable processing application: Agricultural products and vegetable harvest processing with ice to reduce the metabolism of agricultural products and bacterial growth rate. Extend the shelf life of produce and vegetables.

6. Application of long-distance transportation process: Ocean fishing, vegetable transportation and other products that need cooling and preservation are more and more widely used in long-distance transportation.

7. In laboratory, medicine, chemical industry, artificial ski resort and other industries are also widely used.

The application in concrete engineering: The hot season concrete pouring on a large scale, must be effective and reasonable control of the pouring temperature of concrete,flake ice with cold water mixing is the most effective way.


Shenzhen Icesnow Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ice machines specializing in the production of industrial ice and commercial ice. The products are mainly used in marine fishery, food processing, dyes and pigments, biopharmaceuticals, scientific experiments, coal mine cooling, concrete mixing, hydropower plants, nuclear power plants, ice storage projects and indoor ski resorts and other industries. At the same time, the company can also design and manufacture automatic ice storage systems, automatic ice delivery systems, and automatic metering systems according to the needs of customers. Its ice production capacity ranges from 0.5T to 50T per 24 hours.

Flake Ice Machine

Post time: Nov-08-2022