Icesnow Screw Ice Delivery System Successful Delivery

Congratulations to our customer from chemical industry !Our screw ice delivery system for 40T flake ice machine is delivered on time.Do you know where and when need the screw ice delivery system for ice maker?

Once the ice is produced and stored, ice needs to be transported to remote ice stations or other places, and our ice delivery system is especially developed for this purpose.It has Pneumatic Ice Delivery System & Screw Ice Conveying System. I will introduce one of the ice delivery system today

Screw Ice Conveying System
1. This ice handling equipment offers a very economical solution to deliver ice up to 40 meters or so in the
horizontal direction, and it could also be installd with a tilt angle of 30 degrees from horizon.
2. The ice delivery system takes advantage of curved slide gates (either manual or automatic) to provide
intermediate in-line discharge points, and it is constructed from standard hot dip galvanized plates or optional
stainless steel plates (with or without factory-applied insulation).
3. Telescoping chutes (or hoses) can be provided at the conveyor discharge points to ft for diferent

With our decades of experience, we can assist you in designing an ice delivery system that is suited for your project.

Our ice delivery systems work in conjunction with our ice production and ice storage systems to meet your custom design specifications.

Our systems are manufactured with heavy-duty industrial components that are designed to last a lifetime.

The automated delivery systems reduce your manual labor needs and increases productivity.

ICESNOW screw conveyor systems are custom-built for any industry to deliver any type of ice. Screw conveyor systems deliver quality, usable ice by elevating and horizontally moving the ice to your delivery points. Screw conveying is the economical choice when the total conveying distance is less than 150 feet (40 meters).

Post time: Nov-18-2022