Icesnow Flake Ice Machines With BITZER Compressor Sucessfully Delivered

Last week, Icesnow flake ice machines with BITZER compressor, with a capacity of 2 tons per day were delivered smoothly.

Product features:

1.Energy saving and high efficiency

Assembling a German BITZER compressor, which adopt aviation manufacturing technology, the precision of machining, assembly and measurement reaches micron level to ensure efficient operation.

Using Danfoss expansion valve, accurately control refrigerant evaporation, ensure stable ice output, and the unit has the highest efficiency under various working conditions.


2.High reliability

Germany Bitzer compressor adopts heavy load and low noise bearing with special requirements, which can work continuously for 10 hours.


3.Advanced and reliable control system

Adopting PLC intelligent control system, which has strong security control; automatic ice making, ice falling and ice out; fault intelligent display.


BITZER piston compressors have been widely used in refrigeration and air conditioning for decades and are recognized as the best compressors on the market. Piston compressors are also highly versatile and are used in low temperature refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump applications. Not only that, piston compressors can also be used with a variety of natural and synthetic refrigerants.