Global Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market Research 2022-2030

Commercial Refrigerator Equipment Market global industry share is expected to drive at a CAGR of 7.2% with a value of USD 17.2 billion during the forecasted year of 2022-2030.

Almost all businesses and industrial sectors depend on commercial refrigeration to work efficiently and regularly. Commercial refrigeration is a huge industry catering to nearly every business in the global industry. Providing answers and reshaping the sectors has remarkably impacted every industrial segment. In the face of hurdles and obstacles, the industry has acted as an ally by producing top-tier goods.


Air-cooled condensing units

An air-cooled condensing unit is comprised of a compressor, an air-cooled condenser, and several ancillary components, including a liquid receiver, shut-off valves, filter dryer, sight glass, and controls—the Widespread usage of medium and low-temperature condensing machines for frozen and chilled food storage. Typical evaporating temperatures for frozen and chilled foodstuffs are -35°C and -10°C, respectively. At the same time, high-temperature units are utilised in applications involving air conditioning.

Evaporative condensers

In a refrigeration system, condensers are utilised to liquefy the refrigerant gas emitted by the compressor. In an evaporative condenser, the gas to be condensed passes through a coil that is constantly sprayed with recirculated water. Air is drawn over the coil, causing a portion of the water to evaporate.


Packaged chillers

Packaged chillers are factory-assembled refrigeration systems meant to cool liquid, utilising a self-contained, electrically-driven mechanical vapour compression system. A packaged chiller incorporates the unit’s refrigeration compressor(s), controls, and evaporator. The condenser can be either installed or remote.


Refrigeration compressors

In a refrigeration system, the refrigerant gas is compressed by the compressor, which raises the pressure of the gas from the low pressure of the evaporator to a higher pressure. This allows the gas to condense in the condenser, which in turn rejects heat from the surrounding air or water.


Global Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market

With high demand from several industries worldwide, the global market of commercial refrigeration equipment earned a significant market value. According to reports, the global commercial refrigeration equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% from 2022 to 2030, earning a whipping revenue of USD 17.2 billion.

Increased demand for the refrigeration of food and beverage items, as well as rising applications in chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the hospitality sector, and others, are driving the growth of the commercial refrigeration equipment market. Due to the importance of a healthy diet and the global shift in consumer preferences, the consumption of healthy food products such as ready-to-eat and frozen fruits are rising. Rising government laws and worries about dangerous refrigerators that contribute to ozone depletion give the substantial business potential for magnetic refrigeration technology and green technology in the foreseeable future.


Opportunities in the global commercial refrigeration equipment market

Within the market for commercial refrigeration equipment, there is a growing tendency toward adopting environmentally friendly refrigerants. This trend is anticipated to give substantial prospects to market players in the days and weeks ahead. Because refrigerants absorb infrared radiation and then keep that energy in the atmosphere, they significantly contribute to environmental problems such as global warming and the destruction of the ozone layer. The unique characteristics of environmentally friendly refrigerants are that they do not contribute to global warming, have a limited potential for contributing to global warming, and do not deplete the ozone layer in the atmosphere.



With the increased demand for commercial refrigeration equipment worldwide, the said market segment is said to have a blistering growth during the forecast period. The hotel industry is considered the major factor in the growth of the global commercial refrigeration equipment market.

Post time: Nov-04-2022