Explanation of air-cooled flake ice machine


From the point of view of the current flake ice machine market, the condensation methods of flake ice machine can be roughly divided into two types: air-cooled and water-cooled. I think some customers may not know enough. Today, we will explain the air-cooled flake ice machine to you.

As the name suggests, air-cooled condenser is used for air-cooled ice flaker. The cooling performance of the ice flaker depends on the ambient temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the higher the condensation temperature.

Generally, when air-cooled condenser is used, the condensation temperature is 7 ° C ~ 12 ° C higher than the ambient temperature. This value of 7 ° C ~ 12 ° C is called the heat exchange temperature difference. The higher the condensation temperature, the lower the refrigeration efficiency of the refrigeration device. Therefore, we must control that the heat exchange temperature difference should not be too large. However, if the temperature difference of heat exchange is too small, the heat exchange area and circulating air volume of air-cooled condenser must be larger, and the cost of air-cooled condenser will be higher. The maximum temperature limit of air-cooled condenser shall not be higher than 55 ℃ and the minimum shall not be lower than 20 ℃. In general, it is not recommended to use air-cooled condensers in areas where the ambient temperature exceeds 42 ° C. Therefore, if you want to select an air-cooled condenser, you must first confirm the ambient temperature around the work. Generally, when designing an air-cooled ice flaker, customers will be required to provide a higher temperature of the working environment. The air-cooled condenser shall not be used where the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ° C.

The advantages of air-cooled flake ice machine are that it does not need water resources and low operation cost; Easy to install and use, no other support equipment required; As long as the power supply is connected, it can be put into operation without polluting the environment; It is especially suitable for areas with serious water shortage or water supply shortage.

The disadvantage is that the cost investment is high; Higher condensation temperature will reduce the operation efficiency of air-cooled flake ice unit; It is not applicable to areas with dirty air and dusty climate.


Generally, small commercial flake ice machine are usually air-cooled. If customization is required, remember to communicate with the manufacturer in advance.

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Post time: Oct-09-2021