Do you Know the Difference Between Tube ice Machine and Cube ice Machine?

1.What is tube ice machine and cube ice machine?

Although there is only one letter difference, the two machines are not the same thing at all.

First of all, the tube ice machine is a kind of ice maker. It is named because the shape of the ice is produced by hollow pipe with irregular length, and the name of the ice produced is tube ice. Compared with other ice machines, the biggest advantage is that the ice produced is not easy to melt, the temperature is low, and the hollow air permeability in the middle of the tubular is good, which is irreplaceable. Especially suitable for food, fresh and fresh. Small contact area, good melting resistance, suitable for drink preparation, decoration, food preservation, etc. So most of them are edible ice.

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Then there is the cube ice machine, which is a kind of ice maker. The ice produced is called cube ice because of its square shape, small size and good melting resistance. It is suitable for the preparation and decoration of drinking products and the preservation of food by ice, so it is mostly edible ice. Cube ice machines are widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, banquet halls, western restaurants, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, cold drinks and other places where cube ice are needed. Cube ice produced by the cube ice machine is crystal clear, clean and sanitary. It is also efficient, safe, energy-saving, durable and environmentally friendly.

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Do tube ice and granular ice have the same effect?

Generally speaking, the ice produced by the tube ice machine and the cube ice machine is mainly to meet people’s food needs. The cube ice are relatively small and suitable for fast food restaurants and cold drink restaurants, while the cube ice produced by other ice machines are relatively large and mainly for industrial use.

Because of its unique shape, tube ice can play an irreplaceable role in some fields. The tube ice is a regular hollow cylinder. The tube ice is hollow, hard and transparent, has a long storage period, is not easy to melt, and has good air permeability. It is one of the best ice species for keeping fishery, seafood and aquatic products fresh.

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Many characteristics of cube ice are very similar to tube ice. The only difference is the shape. The cube ice is square, and there is no inner hole of tube ice in the middle. It is also edible ice. Due to its beautiful appearance, the application range of cube ice is slightly larger than that of tube ice.

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In general, the appearance of cube ice machine and tube ice machine is very different, and the ice output is also slightly different. However, in most cases, the roles of the two can be mutually substituted. So the customers generally do not need to consider too many factors in their choices.

Post time: Nov-29-2022