Advantages and maintenance knowledge of flake ice machine in the seafood industry

Flake ice machine is a kind of refrigeration machinery equipment that generates ice by cooling the water through the flake ice evaporator by the refrigerant in the refrigeration system. The shape of the generated ice varies according to the principle of the evaporator and the method of the generation process.


The advantages of flake ice machine in the seafood industry:

The flake ice machine can keep the seafood in an ideal moist state, which can not only prevent the deterioration and decay of the seafood, but also prevent the dehydration and frostbite of the aquatic product. The melted ice water can also rinse the surface of the seafood, remove the bacteria and odors discharged from the seafood, and achieve the ideal fresh-keeping effect. Therefore, a large amount of ice is used in the process of fishing, storage, transportation and processing of marine fisheries.


The flake ice machine has high ice efficiency and small cooling loss. The flake ice machine adopts a new vertical inner spiral knife ice-cutting evaporator. When making ice, the water distribution device inside the ice bucket will evenly distribute the water to the inner wall of the ice bucket to quickly freeze. After the ice is formed, it will be cut by the spiral ice knife. When the ice falls, the evaporator surface is allowed to be used, and the efficiency of the ice maker is improved. The ice flakes produced by the flake ice machine are of good quality and dry without sticking. The flake ice produced by the vertical evaporator of the automatic flake ice machine is dry, irregular flake ice with a thickness of 1-2 mm, and has good fluidity.


The flake ice machine has a simple structure and a small footprint. Flake ice machines include fresh water type, sea water type, self-contained cold source, user-provided cold source, with ice storage and other series. The daily ice capacity ranges from 500kg to 50 tons/24h and other specifications. The user can choose the suitable model according to the occasion of use and the water quality used. Compared with the traditional ice maker, it has a smaller footprint and lower operating costs.


Common sense of maintenance of flake ice machine:

1. In order to ensure the quality of ice, we should pay attention to:

Do not store anything in the storage bin, keep the refrigerator door closed, and keep the ice shovel clean. When cleaning around the machine, do not allow dust to enter the flake ice machine through the vents, and do not accumulate cargo or other debris near the air-cooled condenser. If the ice maker is to be used, it must be operated in a well-ventilatedenvironment.


2. To avoid damage to the machine, please pay attention to the following:

Do not block the water source when the flake ice machine is running; be careful when opening and closing the refrigerator door, do not kick or slam the door; do not accumulate any objects around the refrigerator, so as not to hinder ventilation and deteriorate the sanitary condition. Turn it on when it is turned on for the first time or when it has not been used for a long time; before running the compressor, it is necessary to energize the compressor heater for 3-5 hours before running the ice maker. It is forbidden to expose the refrigerator box to a place with high air humidity, and it cannot be left open for a long time. High humidity may cause the PLC control system and touch screen circuit board to burn out; when the ice maker is not used for a long time, please supply power to the control system of the electric control box on time to ensure the accuracy of the internal time of the control system.


3. Regular cleaning and protection:

Users can perform regular protection according to the local water quality and environmental conditions; in order to ensure the good performance and hygiene of the ice maker, please regularly (about one month) scrub the inner wall of the storage box with a detergent diluted with warm water; after cleaning, thoroughly scrub with liquid algae On the surface, use a soft cloth dipped in stainless steel special detergent to clean the chassis and main body; pay close attention to the cleaning of the water system, which should be cleaned at least twice a year; it is recommended to use detergent to thoroughly remove mineral deposits and precipitated scale; regularly check the cooling water circuit and outdoor cooling towers to ensure that the cooling water circuit is not blocked and to prevent debris from entering the tank at the bottom of the cooling tower.

Advantages and maintenance knowledge of flake ice machine in the seafood industry

Post time: Aug-15-2022