Ice making principle of tube ice machine.

A tube ice machine is a type of ice maker. It is named because the shape of the ice cubes produced is a hollow tube with irregular length.

The inner hole is cylindrical hollow tube ice with an inner hole of 5mm to 15mm, and the length is between 25mm and 42mm. There are various sizes to choose from. The outer diameters are: 22, 29, 32, 35mm, etc. The name of the ice cubes produced is tube ice. The contact area is the smallest among the existing ice types in the market, and the melting resistance is the best. It is suitable for beverage preparation, decoration, food preservation, etc., so most of them are edible ice.

tube ice machine


Tube Ice Specifications:

Tube ice is a relatively regular hollow cylindrical shape, the outer diameter is divided into four specifications: 22, 29, 32mm, 35mm, and the height varies from 25 to 60mm. The diameter of the inner hole in the middle can be adjusted according to the time of ice making, generally 5 to 15mm. between. Ice cubes are thick, transparent, beautiful, have a long storage period, are not easy to melt, and have good air permeability. Daily consumption, preservation of vegetables, preservation of fishery and aquatic products, etc.

Classification and structure:

The tube ice machine can be divided into two categories: small tube ice machine and large tube ice machine according to the daily output (according to the international standard working conditions: dry bulb temperature 33C, inlet water temperature 20C.). The daily ice output of small tube ice machines ranges from 1 ton to 8 tons, and most of them are of single structure. The daily ice output of large tube ice machines ranges from 10 tons to up to 100 tons. Most of them are composite structures and need to be equipped with cooling towers.

The structure of the tube ice machine mainly includes the tube ice evaporator, the condenser, the water storage tank, the compressor, and the liquid storage. Among them, the tube ice evaporator has the most complex structure, the highest precision requirements, and the most difficult production. Therefore, there are only a few large-scale industrial ice machine companies in the world that have the ability to develop and produce them.

Application field:

Edible tube ice is mainly used in beverage cooling, food preservation, fishing boat and aquatic product preservation, laboratory and medical applications, etc.
Ice Machine Features:
(1) Pre-Purify patented water purification technology, the tube ice produced can be eaten directly.
(2) The evaporator is made of high-quality stainless steel 304 and other materials to meet international hygiene standards.
(3) The machine adopts integrated design, compact structure, easy installation and use.
(4) PLC computer module, fully automatic ice making process
Ice making principle:
The ice part of the tube ice machine is an evaporator, and the evaporator is composed of many vertical parallel steel pipes. The deflector at the top of the evaporator spreads the water evenly into each steel pipe in a spiral fashion. The excess water is collected in the bottom tank and pumped back to the evaporator by the pump. There is refrigerant flowing in the outer space of the steel pipe and heat exchange with the water in the pipe, and the water in the pipe is gradually cooled and cooled into ice. When the thickness of the tube ice reaches the desired value, the water automatically stops flowing. The hot refrigerant gas will enter the evaporator and melt the tube ice. When the tube ice falls, the ice cutting mechanism operates to cut the tube ice to the set size

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