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Efficient Power Saving Excellent Performance Water Cooled Water Chiller

Specifications 1.Durable quality and swift Lead time 2.CE,ISO9001 certified 3.PLC controlled in automatic operation 4.Energy-saving and easy to operate 5.Hygiene and Safety Icesnow Water Chiller Features: 1. Water temperature can be set at random from 0.5 degrees to 20 degrees. 2. Constant water...

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1.Durable quality and swift Lead time 
2.CE,ISO9001 certified
3.PLC controlled in automatic operation 
4.Energy-saving and easy to operate
5.Hygiene and Safety

Icesnow Water Chiller Features:
1. Water temperature can be set at random from 0.5 degrees to 20 degrees.
2. Constant water temperature: Refrigeration system can automatically adjust the load of the compressor to maintain the cold water outlet temperature in certain degree.
3. High flow volume: the flow of water varies from 1.5m ³/h to 24m ³/h, which can meet the needs of customers.
4. Convenient for transport, We will put the water chiller into container (It depends on the choices of customers) convenient for transportation and installation.
5. Energy-efficient, the water chiller unit uses high-efficient plate heat exchangers which are more efficient in saving energy and heat exchange than that of shell and tube heat exchangers.

Water Chiller Application industries:
1.Food processing industry: for meat processing, Vegetables, milk, coffee, Bread
2.processing, wine manufacturing cooling usages.
3.Aquatic product processing industry: cleaning of the seafood such as roast eel,
4.shrimp products and fish during processing.
5.The dye industry: mainly used for processing process cooling.
6.Pharmaceutical manufacturing: pharmaceutical production process cooling.
7.Large concrete project: to cool the temperature of concrete for reservoirs, mining, railways, airports and other large construction projects.   

Water Chiller Advantages:
1.Icesnow ISCW series of water chiller use latest modern refrigeration technology, screw compressor unit with large capacity and well-known brand temperature controller and spare parts.
2.The design is compact, convenient for transportation, energy-saving, reliable and low noise.
3.It can cool the water temperature down automatically and use PLC program control system which is easy in operation, intelligent fault alarm and also can monitor the whole system all day long without manual operation, which made it the ideal industrial refrigeration equipment.

Water Chiller Working Principle
Liquid refrigerant in evaporator absorbs heat from water, then begin to evaporate and eventually form temperature difference between refrigerant and water. After liquid refrigerant completely evaporate into a gaseous, they will be  inhaled by compressor and compressed. Gaseous refrigerant absorb heat by condenser and condense into liquid. after throttling through thermal expansion valve and transform into low-temperature, low-pressure refrigerant and then enter into evaporator. Here carried out process of water cooling.

ISCW36 Water Chiller Technical Parameter


Daily Capacity

Water Tank Volume

Refrigeration Capacity

Installed Refrigeration Capacity

Coefficient of Surplus







Total Power Consumption


Cooling Type

Container Size

Air cooling




Water Cooling




Water Chiller :
Design condition :maximun air temerpature 50ºC            Power supply:3P/380V/50HZ
Water inlet temperature:45ºC                                                 Refrigrant:R22 or R404A
Water outlet temperature:0.5ºC-20ºC                                    Wet bulb temperature:30ºC
Runnig time of water chiller:24hours/day

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