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What Caused The Industrial Ice Machine Ice Volume Reduction

- Sep 19, 2017 -

The ice making machine in both in industrial cooling or in food preservation are extremely important, so we use process, regardless of who wants ice machine can provide ice production enough for all of us no matter what time, bring convenience to our life and work. However, ice making machine in the middle of ice using reduction was often haunt us problems, so what factors lead to industrial ice machine ice production decline?

According to small make up in recent years for the refrigeration industry to understand, although the reason ice machine ice volume reduction are varied, but in general are mainly the following points:

The evaporator 1, ice making machine in the dirty, then we need to clear the

System 2, ice making machine in the water too slight ice block, then we need the ice out

Capillary 3, ice making machine or expansion valve plug, then we need to clean it up

4, the refrigerant in the ice making machine or leaking, then we need to repair or adjustment of the

Refrigeration system 5, ice making machine block, then we need to promptly clean up