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Our Part In The Thailand International HVAC And Refrigeration Exhibition

- Sep 19, 2017 -

In 2013, as Southeast Asia's largest professional air conditioning refrigeration exhibition, at the same time as Thailand only in refrigeration and air conditioning industry exhibition, Thailand international HVAC and Refrigeration Exhibition (Bangkok RHVAC) by the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand Export Promotion Bureau held, held every two years. As an important countries in Southeast Asia, in recent years Thailand rapid economic development, air conditioners and parts industry is an important industry in Thailand, the huge demand for radiation effects on the Southeast Asia and Thailand local market, nine percent share of the global market, with exports two billion two hundred million Thai baht China become the world's second largest air conditioner and parts exports country after.

The new Shenzhen Icesnow flake ice machine on display, the perfect by Danfoss compressor, refrigeration system optimization design, thicker insulation layer, the high efficiency and energy saving; the microcomputer control, water, ice, ice off automatically, without hand operation, the use of safe and reliable; the ice transparent crystal, the thickness is adjustable; energy efficient design (section hydropower); the strict technological requirements, low failure rate, long service life, one year warranty, life-long maintenance. The international popular style design, grand appearance, bevel doors, convenient water aquaculture; attract many surrounding countries in Southeast Asia, seafood fresh aquatic products, food processing industry, supermarkets, dairy industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical, vegetable fresh-keeping transportation industry, meat freezing, ice cold storage industry, marine fishing industry, professional buyers before consulting with ice engineering, effectively enhance the visibility of the company, has a good exhibition effect.

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