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Icesnow Automatic Ice Storage System And Screw Ice Delivery System

- Jan 18, 2019 -

ow Automatic Ice Storage system and screw ice delivery system is a supporting system of Icesnow Ice Making System. It consists of rake-type automatic ice storage and screw ice delivery system. The ice storage capacity is 30 tons to 200 tons. It is suitable for large concrete engineering construction enterprises, concrete plant cooling projects, construction projects, Hydraulic and Hydroelectric engineering, nuclear power engineering, mine cooling etc. Icesnow tells you how it works:

Ice Making Principle ofCcesnow Automatic Ice Storage and screw ice delivery system 

When the ice produced by flake ice machine falls into the automatic ice storage, when the ice accumulates to a certain thickness in the storage, the automatic induction device of the ice raker transmits signals to the lifting device, and the lifting device drives the pulley, thereby lifting the ice raker, which rake the ice to the entrance area of the screw conveyor through the ice raker, and then sends the ice to the ice delivery system outside the storage by the screw conveyor.

Characteristics of rake-type automatic ice storage:

1. The automatic induction device is installed to prevent the ice rake from being imbedded by the ice.

2. Rake ice pole rack is made of galvanized and stainless steel.

3. the ice storage bin is made of steel structure.

4. Double-layer insulation design, even if the ice storage is full of ice, can also maintain the circulation of cold air in the ice storage, so that the ice temperature can be maintained at - 10 C.

Characteristics of screw ice delivery system:

1. Tube spiral machine made of galvanized and stainless steel;

2. Suitable for straight-line and high-altitude transportation of ice;

3. Ice can be sent to two operation points at the same time.