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How To Ensure Normal And Safe Operation Of The Ice Machine Refrigeration System

- Sep 19, 2017 -

With the development of cold chain in China, more and more large ice or refrigeration equipment of cold storage building, then we should be how to ensure making ice system the normal operation of the most?

In order to guarantee the safe operation of ice making machine cooling system, it can start from many aspects, such as an ice cold storage site is also the most important, the cold ice making machine site can choose in the suburbs as far away from the downtown area, the surrounding water allocation to guarantee. A secure channel to facilitate the staff escape with must be in cold storage, cold storage operation personnel should be professional and technical personnel understand the ammonia refrigeration system, there are some companies in the selection of staff did not undergo strict screening, and ice cold storage material also choose to have quality assurance products, cold storage ice the machine has also to regular maintenance inspection and maintenance, such as: every piece of pressure vessel products each year to the annual inspection, unqualified products to the timely replacement. Construction of pressure vessel is not very complex, but because of the pressure vessel in high pressure primary, and the internal refrigerant harmful effect on the human body, so we must strengthen safety management. Strictly abide by the rules, the usual attention to maintenance, the maintenance projects are: to ensure that the anticorrosive layer intact; the container security device should be safe, sensitive, were tested in accordance with the provisions of the container; fasteners must be safe and reliable; the reduction and elimination of vessel vibration, planned maintenance. Management for the detection of the pipeline, often for pipeline scaling, prevent pipeline because of rust and perforation to produce ammonia leakage, therefore in the compressor maintenance, to carefully check the seal is aging, check whether the wet stroke damaged cylinder piston compressor.