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China Coal & Mining Expo 2007

- Sep 19, 2017 -


Icesnow attended the China Coal & Mining Expo 2007. Icesnow is the manufacturer of aquatic food ice machine, seafood processing ice maker, aquatic food flake ice machine, seafood processing flake ice machine, food cooling ice maker, food preservation flake ice machine, ice making machine, flake ice maker. Icesnow has a long-term cooperation with aquatic food enterprises at home and abroad. Icesnow ice machines, with the advantages of efficient, energy-saving, high quality, good after-sales service, are sold well at home and abroad. Medium-sized commercial flake ice machine, daily production: 3 ton/day-10 ton/day, which can be used in large and medium enterprises for aquatic food, seafood cooling, fresh keeping, meat preservation, ice making, food cooling and refreshing. (ice machine patent number: 201130216361.7; flake ice machine patent number: 201120240711.8;201220274742X ). . With the high quality products and good after-sales service, we earned trust from our customers. Icesnow can design the equipments according to your needs. Welcome to contact us! Email: