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Flake Ice Machine With Energy Saving

Flake Ice Machine With Energy Saving

Part 1: High Quality Flake Ice The flake ice is dry, pure, powder-less, not easy to block, thickness is about 1.8mm--2.2mm, without edges or corners which would avoid damage to products. So it is widely used in refreshing vegetable/fruit and freezing fish and meat . Part 2: Features 1. Automatic...

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Part 1: High Quality Flake Ice

The flake ice is dry, pure, powder-less, not easy to block,


thickness is about 1.8mm--2.2mm, without edges or corners which would 

avoid damage to products. So it is widely used in refreshing vegetable/fruit and 

freezing fish and meat.



Part 2: Features


1. Automatic monitoring system: PLC controller (Programmable Logic Controller), don’t need to arrange people to monitor the machine, saving you the labor cost.


2. Emergency Alarm: It will send out the emergency signals if there is any malfunction. Also the machine will start the program to project itself and display the cause on the screen.


3. Evaporator Drum: stainless steel SUS304 or carbon steel optional. Exquisite welding and hardening ensures high-efficient heat transfer and longer service life.


4. Integrated Design with ice bin: ice bin will be installed under the flake ice machine and flake ice will fall into the bin directly and stay frozen inside.


5. Salt Water dosing pump will be offered: making the flake ice dry, thick and not easy to melt.

6. Flake Ice Machine With Energy Saving



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